Cantilever racking


What is cantilever racking and what is it used for?

A Cantilever rack or Swing-out shelf is a special type of heavy duty shelving for industrial, logistics or wholesale warehouses. In contrast to shelving systems with fixed compartments, the compartments can be swung out with a simple mechanism like arms. Hence the designation Swing-out shelf. The shelves are called cantilevers because they "cantilever out" when pulled out, i.e. they project beyond the building line or uprights.

With swing-out arms in two directions, cantilever racking can be loaded on both sides, for example, lengthwise and endwise or left and right. Cantilever racking is often long goods racking. They are used to store a wide variety of long, heavy or light goods such as

  • Sheet metal,
  • Sheet metal packages,
  • Profiles,
  • Pipes,
  • Stand
  • or coils.

Are there any special requirements for the location and environment in which cantilever racking is installed?

Since cantilever racking, as heavy duty racking, is exposed to high loads, it should be erected on a level, solid, load-bearing and stable base. The distance to other racks, stored goods and equipment such as parked forklift trucks must be large enough so that the cantilever arms can swing out freely and without danger. As with all types of heavy-duty shelving, the hall temperature and humidity should be optimal for the stored goods.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cantilever racking compared to other types of racking?

The advantages of cantilever racking - briefly summarised:

  • Easy operability due to simple swivelling out of the levels
  • Easy loading and unloading of stored goods, single and double-sided
  • More efficiency and flexibility in the warehouse, as there is direct access to the stored long goods
  • The disadvantage of heavy duty racking of this design is that it may offer less storage space in the same area than classic long goods racking or pallet racking with fixed levels. The space is needed from swing-out space for the cantilever arms. When swinging out, the distribution of the heavy weights also changes. This can affect stability and load-bearing capacity.

    Can a cantilever rack be easily extended or adapted?

    A cantilever rack like ArmStrong® SwingOut from storemaster® can be extended almost without limits and adapted to the individual needs of the warehouse, the goods or the hall - whether with cantilever arms and shelves that can be swung out on one or both sides. The shelf heights can be varied from 125 mm to 500 mm, the depths from 500 mm to 1000 mm for long goods. storemaster® is happy to make offers to its customers according to their needs.

    Why should you choose cantilever racking from storemaster® decide?

    storemaster® is a Pioneer in storage technology and has decades of experience in the construction of shelving for stored goods with high load-bearing capacity. Many of our products are market innovations or have long been classics. storemaster® offers a 20-year guarantee on each of its shelves.