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MasterTower TT
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Sophisticated storage technology with long durability and comprehensive service is our passion. storemaster has been developing sheet metal storage and shelving solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to international corporations for over 50 years. The well thought-out, modular construction of the heavy-duty sheet metal storage racks allows an individual design for your storage needs. Smaller solutions are just as much part of the range as large-scale facilities for storing your flat material. Whether raw goods for production, semi-finished goods for further processing or finished products for sale: with your storemaster sheet metal storage system, storing sheet metal and sheet metal packages safely, easily and flexibly is a matter of course.

Your warehouse evolves with your business. The various sheet metal storage racks complement each other and allow for holistic, modular sheet metal storage. To optimise material flow and warehouse logistics, storemaster recommends wood-free storage solutions in drawers as well as in system pallets in the matching tower or interchangeable system. The flexible solution can be operated manually, with a forklift truck or by crane, depending on your requirements. If your needs change, storemaster will find the right solution for you. All storemaster sheet metal storage racks come with a 20-year guarantee - out of conviction for durable and reliable storage solutions 100% made in Germany.

Find out about the rational recycling, storage & management of residual sheet metal

The storemaster® Remaining Sheet Concept

Our solution for safe and orderly storage and management of residual sheet metal.



Climate-neutral standard pallet for universal sheet handling on any machine
MasterTower TT

MasterTower TT

Crane vacuum technology integrated | The original from 2000


Sheet metal storage shuttle tower for sheet metal packages on system pallets or disposable wooden pallets
ShuttleMaster AUTOMATIC

ShuttleMaster AUTOMATIC

Fully automatic sheet handling storage system flexible as single, twin or multi-tower version


Sheet metal storage drawer rack | The original since 1996.

Sheet metal storage systems for use in your warehouse

We offer a variety of different sheet metal storage systems - you are guaranteed to find the right sheet metal storage rack for your warehouse and your needs! Whether it's drawer racking, cassette racking, wooden pallets, system pallets in tower storage or system pallets in interchangeable systems. Every sheet metal storage system is modular, which allows you to create an individual storage solution. This also makes our sheet metal storage systems future-oriented, because they keep up with the development of your company without any problems. All sheet metal storage racks are flexibly adapted to your sheet metal handling. In addition, we offer complete solutions for your sheet metal storage that have a lasting effect on the complete material flow of the sheets and sheet metal packages in your company. All sheet metal storage systems are available in small format, large format and special formats. Operate our storage systems by forklift, crane or manually by hand or use our automatic sheet metal storage systems.
The cost efficiency of the storage systems is ensured by a fast amortisation.

The sheet metal storage drawer since 1998: TwenTower

The original of the sheet metal storage drawers, TwenTower, comes from the pen of the storemaster engineers. Optimum handling and the highest storage density worldwide are the focus of the TwenTower. The horizontal storage allows compartment loads of up to 3 tonnes with manual operation. The TwenTower is available standardised for small format of 2,000 x 1,000 mm, medium format 2,500 x 1,250 mm and large format 3,000 x 1,500 mm. Maxi, mega and special formats can also be realised with the TwenTower system.

The TwenTower is the preferred sheet metal storage rack for a wide range of sheet metal formats. The sheet metal storage drawer rack is configurable with single or double sided loading and unloading. The sheet metal storage drawer rack offers maximum flexibility for storing your sheet metal with up to 20 compartments. This applies to the number of drawer levels as well as to the appropriate shelf load. storemaster designs your storage system according to your requirements, which supports your work processes in the best possible way. Storage technology is a tool for material flow - and not an obstacle on the way to an optimal process.

The sheet metal storage self-service tower: MasterTower

The basic TwenTower element can be individually extended to form the MasterTower. This turns your sheet metal storage system into exactly the operating equipment that suits your company. With a particularly high storage density, access to the stored sheets is also quick and easy. At the same time, the storage of your sheets remains flexible thanks to the modular system and can be adapted to your needs. The components of the MasterTower for sheet metal storage are:

  • OverheadTop, as an extension for drawer racking and interchangeable trolley systems, offers space for additional storage levels. The compartments can be used for wooden pallets, system pallets or euroFlats, among others.
  • TowerCrane, a slewing arm crane integrated on the sheet metal storage rack, is mounted on one of the four corner points of the sheet metal storage rack. The crane has a working radius of up to 7 metres and a maximum hook load of 1,000 kg.
  • HandlingMasterThe vacuum sheet manipulator ensures comfortable material handling up to 750 kg sheet weight.

The ShuttleMaster interchangeable trolley system can also be supplemented with the MasterTower components. This creates a storage system for one-man operation as an alternative to automated storage systems. By using the OverheadTop for additional system pallets, the height of your production hall can be optimally utilised. The TowerCrane enables direct access to sheet metal even without on-site lifting equipment. The system pallets can be exchanged at the front or rear using a forklift truck.

Highest storage density worldwide: ShuttleTower

The ShuttleTower sheet metal storage tower is known for its enormous storage density. Compared to other tower storage systems, the ShuttleTower performs best in the world. At the same time, storemaster makes no compromises between space utilisation and ease of operation. What is behind it? Thanks to the intelligent design, optimum utilisation of storage space can be combined with convenient storage and retrieval. On the one hand, the Drop & Push patent solves one of the biggest safety challenges when operating the storage tower: even before the pallet front, the sheet metal with its lateral frame angles rests on the forward extended support angles of the tower. This enables precise angle-on-angle guidance and rapid insertion into the storage tower compartment. Furthermore, all load carriers of the storage tower have open forklift shoes to ensure collision-free, fast and safe insertion of the forklift tines.

In addition, the ShuttleTower sheet metal racking offers visual markings that make it easier to find the required sheet metal. Working according to this simple visual system avoids incorrect storage and, not least, incorrect retrieval from the sheet metal storage rack. To connect to Industry 4.0, the racking system is designed for digital expansion via RFID location recognition, LED visualisation and interfaces to ERP and warehouse management software.

The classic in storage technology: ArmStrong BN

Proven storage technology rethought: The ArmStrong BN cantilever sheet metal storage racking, proven for 40 years, is a boltless racking system for sheet metal storage on wooden or system pallets. The cantilever racking, which can be loaded with heavy weights, is available in various standard dimensions. The shelf height can be adjusted in just a few steps. This opens up extended flexibility for your sheet metal storage. As soon as you need storage space for sheets of other dimensions, this is created within the existing system in no time at all. Of course, all arms are galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461 and are therefore resistant to abrasion and weathering. The ArmStrong BN boltless shelving is available as standard for sheet packs of 2.5 or 3.0t for all sheet formats.

The ArmStrong BN boltless shelving system is complemented by the euroFLAT system pallet. This strong duo offers the possibility to say goodbye to the tiresome wooden pallets. These are replaced by the stable load carriers made of galvanised steel and stored in the ArmStrong cantilever racking. The euroFlat in combination with the classic ArmStrong increases storage density, protects the environment and resources and, like the familiar Euro pallet, is suitable as an exchange pallet. In addition, direct loading on cut-to-length systems or with automatic storage systems is made possible.

The practical standard shelf: EuroTower®

The most important advantages of the EuroTower® at a glance:

  • EuroTower - the sheet metal load carrier for sheets and sheet metal packages!
  • The EuroTower is the ideal standard sheet metal storage rack for small, medium, large and maxi-format sheet metal packages on EuroFlat load carriers.
  • Its patented latch system prevents wedging or jamming.
  • The sheet metal storage vertical shelving has semi-circular solid steel edge protectors on foot beams and shelf supports.
  • The shelf supports are height-adjustable in 75 mm plug-in latches.

EuroTower® instead of Euro pallet - the plus points in sheet metal storage

With its metal load carriers, this sheet metal pallet storage is the perfect alternative to wooden sheet metal storage. Wooden pallets can be infested with pests. They must therefore be chemically treated. The EuroTower®, on the other hand, is germ-free. In addition, it prevents the load carriers from tipping over, falling down or slipping and thus offers the best protection against operational accidents.

The EuroTower® was designed for efficient material flow. Storage and retrieval is fast, trouble-free and very simple. The EuroFlat® load carriers are free of interfering contours all around. This enables, among other things, smooth loading on cross-cutting systems. The risk of injury is also reduced. In addition, the EuroFlats® can be optionally equipped with pluggable stops. These contribute to accident prevention on the EuroTower®.

Ergonomic workflows in the sheet metal warehouse mean time advantages and ensure safety when working in the sheet metal warehouse.

Another advantage: the compact EuroTower® reduces the space required for sheet metal storage. It has the ideal dimensions for space-saving storage of flats. In addition, the optimised storage density contributes to the fastest possible and efficient material flow. Both of these factors ensure lower storage costs.

"Heavy Metal"? No problem. The load capacity is 3,000 kilograms per load carrier.

Conclusion: The EuroTower® is a well thought-out, cost-effective, scalable and practical standard rack for sheet metal storage. With the matching EuroFlat® load carriers, it is the perfect solution for your sheet metal storage.

For optimum sheet storage: the MultiPlate vertical storage system

MultiPlate is "the" storemaster innovation of the year 2022. The ideal sheet metal storage box for small sheet metal panel storage! As a vertical sheet metal storage system, the new MultiPlate system offers 40 shelves, each with a clear usable width of 40 millimetres. The shelves are located at a comfortable, ergonomic working height. They are perfectly suited for all common sheet metal sizes.

A sheet metal bearing vertically? That is not necessary. As a vertical sheet metal storage system, the MultiPlate offers storage space for 500 sheet metal panels from the smallest residual sheet metal to sheet metal panels measuring 4,000 by 1,550 millimetres. As a shelf block, customers receive the sheet metal storage box pre-assembled ready for operation. The system is suitable for forklift transport of the sheet metal panels and is easily accessible for the forklift forks.

The maximum load capacity of the sheet metal storage box is 5,000 kilograms. The external dimensions of the MultiPlate: compact 2,380 millimetres long by 1,495 millimetres wide by 2,300 millimetres high. This means it fits into the smallest sheet metal storage space. The empty weight of the sheet-metal storage box is 335 kilograms, which makes it easy to transport and move to other rooms. Minimum size and weight - this means maximum flexibility for your sheet metal storage!

Set up? Read through the operating instructions? Have tools ready? No need. The MultiPlate sheet metal box comes to you assembled and ready to use. Simply place it, store the sheets, and your sheet metal storage is ready!

Do you need vertical sheet metal storage or a solution to store sheets upright? Storemaster offers a variety of other individually customisable and suitable products and solutions. With Storemaster sheet metal bearings Made in Germany, the old New German Wave hit "Da fliegt mir doch das Blech weg" is absolutely obsolete!

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Sheet metal storage systems from storemaster for efficient material handling

All storemaster storage systems and racks for sheet metal, coil, long goods and special storage are 100% manufactured in Germany. The energy for the production of the storage systems is generated by the factory's own solar system in the spirit of sustainability. Convince yourself of the proven, individual complete solutions directly from the manufacturer in Barsinghausen. Contact the pioneers of storage technology from storemaster by phone or e-mail:

Phone: +49 (0)5105 7795 - 11

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RAL Environmental Quality Mark
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