Cantilever racking for heavy loads

Heavy-duty cantilever racking: flexible, resilient and innovative
Cantilever racking is the reliable solution for demanding storage of heavy loads: robust, highly loadable and practical even for storing heavy, bulky and long goods.

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  • High load capacity
  • Pronounced flexibility thanks to versatile arms
  • Clarity and order in the warehouse
  • Single or double-sided version
  • Storage of long goods and heavy loads
  • Simple operation
ArmStrong® plus

ArmStrong® plus

Cantilever rack for long goods and cassettes for forklift operation
ArmStrong® SwingOut

ArmStrong® SwingOut

Storage system for long goods craneable - The special effect: easy swinging out in seconds
ArmStrong® V

ArmStrong® V

Bar stock racking for crane and hand operation - ArmStrong V


Long load bearing for easy swinging out instead of tedious cranking - for light loads up to 1t

Storemaster has been developing solutions for the storage of sheet metal, coils and long goods in the metalworking industry for over 50 years. Heavy duty racking with cantilevers is an integral part of ideal storage layouts in the industry. They offer practical as well as clear storage options for bulky goods and heavy loads, which are the norm in metalworking companies. In addition, the practical cantilever arms allow easy and quick access to speed up retrieval or machine loading. This makes heavy-duty cantilever racking indispensable elements in warehouses with demanding goods - be it pipes, sheets, bars or cables. Of course, occupational safety also plays an essential role, especially with heavy-duty racking. Our racks with cantilever arms have been developed taking into account sometimes hectic storage processes. They are made in Germany and of the highest quality. Our extensive practical experience has taught us how to design and implement cantilever racking reliably. At Storemaster, we place emphasis on occupational safety, the protection of the storage material as well as efficiency in the metal warehouse. Heavy duty racking with arms ensures high load capacity and gentle handling of your material.

ArmStrong® SwingOut for flexible material access

The name says it all: the ArmStrong® SwingOut swivelling cantilever rack makes access to pipes, shafts, rods, bars and the like even easier. It allows vertical access to the stored material. This means it can be operated by crane. Fast and intuitive access to the heavy-duty racking is an essential factor for productivity and response time in a warehouse. After all, in manufacturing, every minute counts - so the delivery of raw materials from the warehouse must not be left waiting. ArmStrong® SwingOut cantilever racking is your reliable solution for resilient storage and fast retrieval.

ArmStrong® plus: Your storage professional for heavy long goods

ArmStrong® plus - strong arms with the special advantage that you can design dimensions and loads as your operations require. This is because the versatile cantilever boltless shelving allows you to configure the arms, uprights and heights in numerous ways. This flexibility opens up the combination of very different long goods. Here, too, safety is paramount. We make sure that your ArmStrong® plus can withstand what it is supposed to. All our shelving units are hot-dip galvanised. Because the right shelving construction is one of the most important factors for a safe workplace in the metalworking industry, especially with heavy loads.

Unique sheet metal storage with the ArmStrong® BN for heavy loads

Standard sheet metal storage racking - or the ArmStrong® BN for short - covers the standard dimensions of sheet metal packages in one system. This heavy-duty cantilever racking does keep within the standard dimensions, weights and heights of sheet metal storage. But as far as its stored goods are concerned, it is specially designed to meet the requirements of sheet metal packages. Its plug-in system allows you to flexibly change the heights of compartments and the number of levels. This allows you to find or create the right storage location for each incoming sheet in no time at all. You don't have to worry about the load on the ArmStrong® BN - we have taken everything into account in the design of our all-round model.

Heavy-duty shelving for smart handling of heavy loads

How do cantilever racks repeatedly succeed in becoming the preferred choice for storing heavy loads? They combine so many necessary and desirable features of heavy-duty storage that optimal storage constructions are always happy to fall back on this model.

A cantilever is a beam, the arm, clamped on one side in the vertical uprights of the shelving. On the one hand, this can be loaded with heavy weight because it remains firmly anchored in its bearing. On the other hand, its height can be easily changed because it is loosely anchored on one side. In this way, shelving with cantilever arms combines high load-bearing capacity with flexibility. In addition, the open design allows easy and quick access - an unbeatable advantage in daily business.

The StoreKeeper® Smart App

Convince yourself now of the convenience and user-friendliness of our modern digitalisation solution for your warehouse. With our web-based warehouse management software, it's easier than ever to keep track of everything. Suitable for managing sheet metal storage, coil storage, long goods or general cargo.

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Storage technology in sustainable packaging - Blue Angel
Sustainable packaging

More than 1 million trees are felled across Europe every year in order to use their wood to transport a one-off package of sheet metal from A to B. Is that necessary? storemaster® says no and invented a load carrier that remains permanently in use without being renewed or disposed of.

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RAL Environmental Quality Mark

RAL Environmental Quality Mark
The Blue Angel is the oldest eco-label and one of the most renowned quality labels in the world.
Since 1978, RAL has been the Sole awarding body of the Blue Angel.

10-year guarantee on highest product quality from storemaster

Highest product quality
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Creditreform Creditworthiness Certificate 2020

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RAL Environmental Quality Mark

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10-year guarantee on highest product quality from storemaster

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