ArmStrong® - the cantilever rack for heavy loads

Nomen est omen with ArmStrong®: On the fireproof galvanised "strong arms" of our heavy-duty shelving classic, you can store heavy, long and bulky goods easily and safely. ArmStrong® is designed for a high load capacity and is enormously flexible. With the tried and tested plug-in system, you as the user adapt it entirely to your needs. Each of the strong arms is hot-dip galvanised and weather-resistant.

What distinguishes our ArmStrong®-shelves out?

The plus points in brief:

  • Optimal use of space
  • Compact design
  • Possibility to access each storage object individually

The term "collar" comes from projecting or jutting out. In buildings, balconies or bay windows "project" from the building line. In storage racking, it is the cantilever arms that protrude and support the stored goods. Cantilevers are steel beams that are attached to vertical support profiles. Depending on the shelving model, they can be pulled out on one or two sides. They are secured by horizontal connectors. Cross braces provide additional stability in the frame and thus maximum load-bearing capacity.

Cantilever racking can be equipped with side panels. These are called roll-off guards. They prevent round stored goods such as pipes from falling to the floor and thus increase work safety. Shelves or wire mesh boxes can also be used for smaller goods.

Different types of cantilever racking

A distinction is made between single-sided and double-sided cantilever racking. The former can only be loaded and unloaded from one side, the latter from two sides. Single-sided Cantilever racking are fixed in the back wall, which increases their stability and working safety. Two- or double-sided cantilever storage racks can be placed in the middle of the hall and loaded and unloaded from two sides. It should be noted that an even weight of the goods increases the stability.

If the load-bearing capacity of the shelving is particularly high (heavy-duty shelving), it is advisable to anchor the shelving firmly to the floor on one or both sides. If it is to be installed outside the hall, a roof can protect the shelving and the stored goods from the weather.

Possible applications of the ArmStrong® shelves

Our ArmStrong®-racks are storage systems that are particularly suitable for horizontal and bulky long goods such as pipes, beams, boards, bars or profiles. Plate goods and sheet material such as steel or wooden plates, sheet metal panels or building materials are also stored on heavy-duty racks. The stored goods are stored individually, bundled, in storage cassettes or grid boxes. These storage shelves are used in industrial plants and warehouses, but also, for example, in larger libraries.