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20 drawers for
depalletized sheet metals

AS Swingout

ArmStrong long good
storage-handling system for
for manual crane operation


steel system pallets
with highest storage density
by storemaster

storemaster Produkte werden zu 100% in Deutschland hergestellt.

All products are 100% produced in Germany

Schwerlastregalsysteme aus Deutschland


20 years of TwenTower – The sheet metal storage system for quick access to frequently needed types of sheet metal. The basic block can be extended modularly for numerous application scenarios. For example the TwenTower MasterTower and many more.

Overview Basic Block

Sheet metal drawers for all formats up to
6000 x 2000 mm – up to 3 t / drawer

For example 3000×1500 drawer system with swing-in roller doors with approx. top extension at 2m:

  • 13 drawers 3 tons each
  • 15 drawers 2,5 tons each
  • 19 drawers 1,75 tons each

Loading / unloading one- or double-sided

World’s highest storage density up to 25 drawers in one block

ArmStrong® Swingout

Long goods storage rack for easy swiveling instead of tedious cranks – manually and electrified

Long goods handling rack at a glance

The invention: Swiveling instead of cranking – the long goods storage levels can be swung out within seconds for crane operation.

  • lowest effort
  • without additional operating devices for any long goods
  • up to 8 levels at 2.5 m swing height
  • Subdivisions and subdividable sheet trays for short lengths
  • up to 3 t payload manuel
  • electrified up to 10 t payload
  • long goods up to 12 m
  • Usable heights from 125 to 500 mm in adjustable grid of 75:75 mm individually selectable
  • single or double sided


storage tower for wood-free sheet metals with the highest storage density for system pallets

Overview Basic Block

System Cassettes – optional stackable –  

  • all formats up to 6000 x 2000 mm
  • sheet metal packages up to 5 tons
  • storage grid from 150 mm
  • storage heights can be changed in the 75 and 62.5 mm modular grid
  • tower height up to 9 m
  • Outdoor versions with roof and wall

convincing references

Our business partners include small, medium, large and very large companies in
Germany, Europe and around the world.

Sustainable packaging

More than 1 million trees are felled throughout Europe every year to bring a sheet metal package from A to B. Does it have to be that way? We believe it is not necessary.  We invented a load carrier that stays in use permanently without being renewed or disposed of.

RAL environment
quality mark

The blauer Engel is the oldest eco-label and one of the most prestigious quality labels in the world.
Since 1978 RAL is  the sole awarding authority of the blauer Engel.

product quality

We are not only convinced of our storage products in terms of content, but also in every other respect. That is why we grant a 10-year guarantee on all of our products.

StoreKeeper® app

Our StoreKeeper® warehouse management app manages the entire stock, machines and tasks. In this way, you and your employees always know in real time, where the material is located and which tasks have to be processed.

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