Craneable storage racks

Craneable storage racks for optimum storage density
for long goods, sheets, bars and flat material, profiles or boxes.



Long load bearing for easy swinging out instead of tedious cranking - for light loads up to 1t

As an innovative storage method, we build craneable storage racks according to your requirements. The craneability enables access to your stored goods without interfering contours. Whether long goods, sheet metal or flat material. Use existing load lifting devices such as vacuum or magnetic lifters without laborious effort.

The patented swing-out of a storage level replaces the laborious cranking out or pulling out of similar systems on the storage technology market. Improve your intralogistics and material handling in your company for decades.

Movable shelving components are automatically locked against automatic or unintentional movement. The deliberate, simultaneous swinging out of several storage levels is an unpractical operating error. However, even then, the stability of the system is guaranteed if it is set up in accordance with the regulations.

We value steel as a valuable resource. That's why we only process it where it is really needed in terms of strength. And not where its use is intended to give the impression of stability.

We invest in the proven functional durability and lasting efficiency of our products. In this way, we comply with the social mandate to use energy and resources sensibly. We regard low-quality products as a gross waste.