ArmStrong® SwingOut

Long goods store for effortless swinging out for crane operation
- manual and electrified -

ArmStrong® SwingOut

No more difficult and cumbersome access to long goods!

With our swivelling cantilever rack you can reach your rods, profiles, tubes, shafts and all other long goods as well as residual lengths in the twinkling of an eye and within seconds.

The ArmStrong® SwingOut ensures greater safety, higher productivity and better space utilisation in your warehouse.

Let us convince you of the advantages of the smart cantilever arms.

Advantages at a glance
  • Operation with minimum traction force by hand or electrically
  • ind. Compartment height division in 75 mm increments from 125 to 500 mm
  • Selectable useful depths (500/750/875/1000 mm)
  • Free vertical access to the stored goods and thus craneable
  • Longitudinal and end removal of individual bars
  • Proven technology with 1t load capacity per arm
  • single and double sided
  • Swivel direction left or right
  • Cantilever structure to the ArmStrong® SwingOut Plus
  • Residual length storage in material troughs or on grating levels
  • Almost limitless possibilities

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ArmStrong® SwingOut in action

Moving pictures say more than a thousand words. Take a look for yourself and convince yourself of the concept of the ArmStrong® SwingOut Langut handling warehouse.
We would be happy to arrange a personal reference visit for you at one of our satisfied customers in your area. You can get a foretaste in our informative video.

Long Goods Handling Warehouse - ArmStrong Swingout
ArmStrong SwingOut - The advantages of our smart cantilever rack

Swing-out cantilever racking contributes in many ways to optimising your warehouse, workshop or production. The ArmStrong SwingOut shelving has proven itself many times over from the following points of view:

Effectiveness. Simplify and speed up access to your long goods with the longitudinal and end removal options for individual bars.
Load capacity. The proven technology comes with 1 tonne load capacity per arm. This means that with all the flexibility of the ArmStrong SwingOut as a heavy-duty rack, there is also room for large quantities of galvanised pipes, shafts or masts.
Order. The clear and space-saving shelf makes it easy for you to store long items systematically and find them again quickly.
Safety. The operation is carried out with minimal traction force by hand or electrically and therefore represents a considerably lower strain on the arms and backs of your team members. The safe operation also reduces the risk of accidents. The free vertical access to the stored goods also allows access by crane.
Individually or as a system. ArmStrong SwingOut heavy duty cantilever racking lets you configure your solution entirely according to your requirements: The right combination of individual shelf height divisions in 75 mm increments from 125 to 500 mm as well as selectable usable depths (500/750/875/1000 mm) result in the long goods storage system that is right for you. Adaptations with additional elements and accessories from our range open up almost limitless possibilities.

ArmStrong SwingOut - cantilever rack swings out instead of cranking

The invention: Swinging arms out instead of cranking. Behind this idea lies years of frustration with the cumbersome and burdensome operation of racks for long goods. Often pipes, axles and co. are not only unwieldy, but also heavy. In order to be able to use them properly in production or construction, they must also be handled gently in the racking and intralogistics. The ArmStrong® SwingOut solves several challenges in the storage of long goods. Thanks to robust uprights and load-bearing arms, the storage levels can be swivelled out in seconds, operated on one or both sides as required and are available to the user by crane or by hand. With little effort and without additional operating equipment, our swivelling cantilever rack makes any long goods available at the ideal height.
The shelf with the swivelling cantilever arms can accommodate individual bars as well as whole bar, profile or tube bundles. Shafts, rollers, axles, masts, boxes and sheet metal strips in any length can also be easily and systematically stored on the cantilever arms. With the right accessories and thanks to the high load capacity, you can also store residual lengths, heavy tools, circular blanks, machine components or heavy-duty unit loads.

Designs of our ArmStrong SwingOut swivelling cantilever racking system

storemaster has dedicated itself to well thought-out bearing solutions for different requirements. That's why we offer all our bearing solutions in different designs and construction forms that can be put together as required. Also with the ArmStrong® SwingOut you have numerous options to adapt the underlying concept of the swivelling cantilever rack according to your needs. As standard, you can choose from the following options:

  • Single or double-sided storage and corresponding direct access
  • Swing-out direction of the arms left or right depending on the bearing layout
  • Structure with additional cantilevers at the desired height for the ArmStrong® SwingOut Plus
  • Residual length storage in material troughs or on grating levels
  • Longitudinal and end removal of individual bars
  • Proven technology with 1t load capacity per arm

We will be happy to advise you on your individual warehouse and build the desired design for you.

Cantilever rack swivelling

With our wide range of extensions and adaptations, we work with you to design the ideal long goods storage system with our extendable cantilever racking. The matching accessories expand the possibilities of your heavy duty cantilever rack. These include among others:

Suitable accessories



Beam loading traverse for fast loading thanks to whole sheet packs
StoreKeeper® Smart

StoreKeeper® Smart

Warehouse management for sheets, long goods and coils - simple and intuitive

Are you curious about how you too can optimise your long goods storage? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to create individual solution concepts for you. We look forward to your enquiry.

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