Anyway... a shelf is a shelf. Isn't it?


Storage facility includes two terms: Shelving technology and Storage technology, in a broader sense also Material flow technology.

The 3 dimensions of a shelving system (length, depth and height) do not fulfil the requirements of a well-designed shelving system. The efficiency of a shelving system requires a creative shelving system development that, in addition to the above-mentioned parameters, takes into account the following dimensions Space and time as decisive criteria for the use of shelving technology in general.

But what actually makes the efficiency of a shelf fundamental?

The rationalisation effect of a shelf is initially ensured by the following key points:

  • Safety through accident prevention
  • the ergonomics of material handling
  • and the sustainability of lasting benefits through outstanding workmanship quality

How can we integrate the dimensions of space and time here?

Space utilisation through high storage density and time savings through short, optimised routes are the main benefits to be mentioned here.

In today's world, however, the resource conservation of material and energy that can be achieved through imaginative engineering is not the least of the factors that should not be underestimated in the manufacture of a product. Only when a rack passes its verification (truthfulness of claimed properties) from this point of view, can the validation (proven benefit => reference systems) for an evaluable storage technology be approached.

For the development of the optimal solution to a storage problem, this means, in addition to the demand-related development of racking systems, the creation of logistical concepts in the context of in-house warehouse planning by experienced specialist engineers as experts for a future-oriented storage facility within a material flow that satisfies the aforementioned aspects.

storemaster® is an experienced partner for efficiency and reliability in the realisation of your idea of a qualitatively and functionally high-quality warehouse on growth with its modular logistics systems - as a pioneer in warehouse technology, you can therefore expect the following from storemaster® without compromise:

  • Prompt response to your request
  • Detailed recording of your problem
  • First solution tips and suggestions already by telephone or e-mail
  • Innovative new product development for system-deviating challenges
  • Orientation offer with already comprehensive system information
  • Consultation visit to your factory to determine the local conditions
  • Clarification of the advantages and disadvantages of all storage systems encountered in practice
  • Individual material flow and plant planning by specialist engineers
  • Layout proposals with rational design of production-integrated storage technology
  • Deciding on the solution variant with the optimum utility effect in terms of space, time and energy savings, order, overview, future-oriented flexibility, accident safety, value-preserving quality awareness and environmental sustainability.
  • Final cost determination, order acceptance and rapid order processing for detailed project planning, construction, material procurement and production with continuous coordination with the client with regard to production progress and shipping date
  • The acquisition of innovative, technically sophisticated, high-quality logistics products
  • Reasonable, respectful dealings on a reciprocal basis under the code of conduct of fairness, decency, sincerity, understanding and goodwill
  • A long-term business relationship for the benefit of both parties and the
  • the storemaster® unique selling proposition: planning and project management expertise for logistics systems at the highest level according to the storemaster® motto: Dynamically everything is in flux.

Your Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Karl Artur Paul
- Managing Director storemaster GmbH & Co. KG -