The fact that entrepreneurial activity is not limited to initiatives, inventiveness, foresighted action, calculated risk-taking, monetary effects and not infrequently a high level of personal commitment is generally known from the many and varied social duties and social engagements of responsible entrepreneurs, which justifies their reputation in return for the privileges granted to them. Less in focus than the pecuniary benefits usually associated with them are compassionate, empathetic contributions to those for whom monetary support alone is not the solution to their disadvantaged, often precarious situation.

As promotion of appropriate measures in application to each individual in need, only exemplary instruments such as >nonviolent communicationclient-centred conversation< (Carl Rogers) and mediative methods are mentioned here, which are shown in the attention towards the individual, which benefits the stabilisation of a healthy society.

What is meant by this in concrete terms is attempted to clarify in the following metaphorically poetic form of understanding responsiveness to the personal needs of >ununderstood< fellow human beings.

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Your Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Karl Artur Paul
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