The cycle of rational action


The insights - or peasant wisdom - in a nutshell.


What holds the world together. The feedback on one's own actions.


The reversal effect - my counterpart, that's me.


The mirror of my thoughts and actions is myself.


Unreasonable thinking and acting will leave a damage - ultimately in myself.


The instantaneous damage inflicted on another is reflected back to myself in a time-delayed and modified way.


Dealing with the other in a rational way sets a mechanism in motion, the outcome of which is one's own well-being.


The experiences with the unwritten law of sensible behaviour cause me to correct my actions.


The insight into this consequential effect makes it easier to anticipate future events and to determine my actions advantageously.


The diversions via unreason is followed by instruction in reason - the shorter way there is reason from the start - energy-efficient and harmless.

Defined differently:
Disregard, failure, neglect, indifference, disrespect, misconduct, me-first thinking, laziness, laziness, me-anything thinking will come back to me - inevitably and inexorably - according to the law that holds it all together.

The consequence - the daily bread in the storemaster® company.

We design our operational environment to be safe, clean and clear.
Order and cleanliness are basic prerequisites for improving our work processes.
Accidents at work and disruptions in production processes must be avoided.
Long transport routes and waiting times must be corrected on an ongoing basis.
Identified wastage of material, energy, time and space must be remedied immediately.
The aforementioned aspects also serve to maintain a high level of quality awareness.
The entire staff is involved in identifying weaknesses and implementing improvements.

Prerequisites for this are:

Clearly arranged workplaces, tools and work equipment within easy reach.
Labelling and marking for quick and error-free location of processing materials.
Regular checking and cleaning of work utensils and cleaning of the workplace by the responsible employee.

We define self-discipline as an interest in the needs of colleagues, in maintaining one's own job and in the continuity of the company.

This basic attitude was the inspiration for the development of the storemaster® logistics systems, which we hope will also pass on a little of what motivated us to create them.

Your Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Karl Artur Paul
- Managing Director storemaster GmbH & Co. KG -