Sheet metal storage shelf


Sheet metal storage shelving - Efficient storage solutions
If you store sheets lying on the floor or leaning against the wall, you risk material damage and accidents at work. He needs much more space and has to deal with disorder. In a sheet metal store of storemaster® stored, you sort your sheets according to type, use and size and always know where the required sheet is. Easy access by hand, forklift or crane, and you're ready to process and sell.

What are the advantages of sheet metal storage racks?
Sheet metal can be made of steel or stainless steel, but also aluminium or other metals. Particularly sensitive sheets are easily damaged, scratched or bent if stored improperly. This cannot happen in a professional sheet metal storage system with system pallets or cassettes: The fork of the forklift does not touch the sheet metal either during loading or unloading or during transport. It reaches production, further processing or the customer without any problems.

With professional sheet metal storage you not only enable space-saving storage, the storage system is also suitable for different sizes of stored goods. But best of all: sheet metal storage racks allow direct access to each individual sheet. Direct access simplifies and speeds up work processes. In this way, the warehouse contributes to the economic efficiency of the company. Sheet metal storage racks also score points in terms of hazard prevention, because they minimise the risk of accidents, for example due to tripping.

Which storage variants are possible with sheet metal storage racks?
Sheet metal storage racking solutions from storemaster® can be individually adapted to the requirements of your warehouse. The range includes sheet metal storage systems in small and large formats as well as in special sizes and shapes. Therefore, they are suitable for every company size and practically every industry. You will find our systems in the smallest and largest companies. In addition to medium-sized businesses, even large corporations are among our customers.

Sheet metal warehouses are typical for industrial companies or the manufacturing industry. Here, sheet metal is stored as raw material for production or as semi-finished goods for further processing. Our systems are also used for storage in retail and for the presentation of finished products. They are therefore used in DIY stores as well as in the sanitary trade, for example.

The sheets are stored horizontally in horizontal racks. They make the stored goods accessible from one or two sides by hand, forklift or crane. This speeds up and simplifies the work processes in particular. Horizontal racks can be built practically up to the roof of the hall and "grow with the warehouse".

In vertical racks, the sheets or sheet remnants are stored vertically. They are removed from above or from the side, depending on the design. A clear working method is guaranteed. Some systems allow storage and removal through pull-out drawers.