Add-on shelf unit


Add-on shelf bay - the extension of your basic bay

Which shelf? ... does matter! Because as soon as a business grows or more material has to be stored, additional capacity is needed. It makes little sense to place pallet racking, heavy duty racking or other stand-alone basic racking next to each other, certainly not from different systems. Companies should opt for expandable add-on shelving systems from the outset.

What is the function of the add-on shelf unit?

In a nutshell: An add-on bay is attached to a basic bay. It thus supplements the shelving system in storage capacity. A basic shelving bay generally consists of a framework and the storage levels for the material to be stored. If the system is modularly expandable, it has suitable extension options to add further racking bays.

In contrast to the basic bay, each add-on bay has only one lateral frame. On the other side, it is connected to the basic shelving unit with its shelves and beams. Some shelving systems can also be extended across corners or across the room instead of only along the long wall. In this way, not only longer, but also wider and more voluminous goods can be stored. And the storage space is used more optimally.

It is important that even with the add-on bay, each individual compartment remains accessible for the storage and retrieval of the stored goods. In addition, the maximum shelf and bay loads must correspond to those of the basic racking bay. Otherwise, the risk of warehouse staff overloading the add-on bay would be too great. A correctly distributed load is the be-all and end-all with this add-on plug-in system.

What is an add-on shelf unit suitable for?

An add-on shelving bay is "very good for more good!". Shelving is usually standardised, but warehouses are individual. Modern, standardised shelving systems such as the ArmStrong BN , the EuroTower or the ShuttleTower are designed for standard market sizes. But it would be pure coincidence if they filled every space in every warehouse to the centimetre or millimetre.

Add-on shelving bays make the best possible use of the space in the hall. If the system is designed for this, it can be combined into rows of shelving of any length or width. If the company grows, the add-on shelving system can "grow with it".